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Prohibited foods for Dogs

Prohibited foods for dogs

Dogs are known as man's bestfreind, as a pet lover or a parent to them is almost identical with a new born child, where you have to put all of  your attention and an effort to take good care of them especially when they are puppies and one of the things you need to do is to feed them,Feeding is  the most important job of all and it is not an easy job,We must have an idea or knowledge how to feed them and an idea what are the good foods or prohibited foods for puppies and adult dogs.

These are the list of foods that are not allowed for pets to eat:
alcohol,Avocado,bones from fish, or other poultry,Chocolates,coffee,caffeine,citrus,coconut 
coconut oil,grapes, milk and nuts, like almonds,pecans,or wall nut,Onion,Salty foods, snack foods,Xylitol, Yeast


(Too much food for pets is bad and feeding them less is also bad to make it better meet and consult  your pets veterinanrian)