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About Fussytails



We made this website becuse both of us we're interested about dogs and Everytime we go out to buy some grocerry,or going to the market,or going to watch cinema we used to walk and my partner makes fun of me because I can't help myself to turned into a ten year old girl then everytime we met people who walked withtheir pets anywhere in Makati.I really wanted to say can I adopt you? instead it makes me feel more eager to cuddle them , "I do love dogs", and having a canine companion is worth more than a priceless gems in the world.

And one of the things that we are amaze with the owners are: they have these burning desire and passion on how they dedicate their life in taking good care of their fur babies. and they dont need to talk to you just to let you know how they love their pets ,You can easily found it by their smile,glimpse of their eyes and on how they interacts with you when it comes to their dogs,Actually it makes me feel envy of them, because they can afford the time to be with their pets and having a dog is not just llike as a pet but they are like humans but diffeent in physique and taking care of them are complicated and you must have the full attention when it comes to take good care of them like wise if you are not ready it is better not to, I have pets when I was a student and those days i have a lot of time and i dont worry for their needs because my parents are the one who help me to provide their needs.and When I see dog owners dressing their bestfriend ,babies or canine companion with fancy cute, glamorous clothesor dresses and its fascinates me and its drives me and my partner to have this passion and the determination to build the website,and One of our goal as well is to help pack leaders to be stress free from traffic, especially here in Manila where the time is very expensive most especially when your trapped in the middle of the traffic and being stock in a traffic for almost an hour is a big lost already.and it makes you stress as well. That is why we build this site to help the pet lovers to have a quality time with their belove pets instead. 

Anyway My name is Precious and My partner Sandy