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About Feeding

Feeding is a must .It is an imporrtant  step when you have a dog, feeding also affects the development of their growth, it seems like feeding is an easy work to do, but the truth is we must be careful in feeding them, similar to humans baby there's an enough value of food and when was the correct time to breast feed so that they grow up physically and mentaly fit.In our pets world is almost similar.There are things that we need to consider like feeding time and the amount of food they intake and what are the proper food for them to feed and know what are the inproper food that we  should not feed . It is also neccessary to talk or consult it to your veterinarian or a veterinary welfare to find out what are the proper amount of foods that needs to be given to our belove pets."As an owner of dogs I was advice that puppy must be feed three times a day and the adult one must feed for only twice a day.

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